Industry experience is what makes us good. Passion is what makes us best.

Founded in 2013 by the twin duo of Akshay Maliwal and Aditi Maliwal, AddedSport is a sports management firm that provides an array of services for athletes in Asia at various levels in their athletic journey.

Our founder, Akshay Maliwal, played collegiate golf at UC Berkeley, while Aditi Maliwal, played collegiate squash at Stanford University. We have quickly built a team of ex-collegiate, professional and competitive athletes to mentor and consult individual athletes in Asia.

AddedSport is headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices in Manila, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jakarta and Hong Kong. We are growing rapidly and expanding our franchise across the across Asia, looking to inspire and support many more athletes. Our primary sports are golf, tennis, squash, soccer, swimming and track&field.

Our Team

Akshay Maliwal Founder/CEO

Aditi Maliwal Co-Founder

Jo Ee Kok Consultant

Jessica Lydia Head of Client Delivery - Philippines and Indonesia

Abhinav Nath Head of Counselling Services, India

Justin Zialcita Head of Business Development - Philippines

Nina Gonzalez Consultant

Sanya Madan Associate Consultant

Treta Bhattacharyya Associate Consultant

Meagan Lim Associate Consultant

Bayu Herfianto Recruitment Consultant

Ashilla Safiya Recruitment Consultant

Kanika Minocha Athletic Advisor

Our Advisors

Rajiv Maliwal Chairman, AddedSport
Steve Desimone Advisor

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