Harvard leads initiative to create equity in student application evaluation in the face of Covid-19

November 10th, 2020 | by addedsport

As a whole, this has been a complicated year to navigate. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the likelihood of exacerbating mental health conditions, especially for students who have been called upon to pivot their education to a virtual format. In the face of a changing academic landscape, admission officers around the world are pivoting the way their universities prioritize mental health for their applicants and incoming freshman class.

With so many families experiencing changes to their structure and livelihood, applying to college is fraught with stress and anxiety. From standardized testing to the overall decision of attending college, many aspects of life feel up in the air for most students right now. While these big-picture questions will loom large for the foreseeable future, several college admissions officers have come forth in solidarity with the needs of their incoming applicants.

Care Counts in Crisis

So what exactly will admissions offices be looking at this year? First and foremost, offices have said they will be putting the wellness of their applicants ahead of all else. Particularly with deadlines and applicant to-do lists. For example, many colleges have extended their Early Application Deadlines, some being pushed back as far as two weeks. 

In the face of external pressures, a statement supported by more than three hundred institutions of higher learning has reaffirmed a commitment to student wellness. “Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to COVID-19” an initiative led by the Harvard Graduate School of Education outlines how admissions offices plan to strategize their admissions procedures following COVID-19’s impact on the 2019 and 2020 school years. More than 360 Universities are now participating in this initiative.

With the timeline for college applications continuously shifting it is more important than ever for students and their families to stay vigilant with updates from prospective college admission offices. Be sure to look over the “Care Counts in Crisis” statement to see if a school of interest has endorsed the mission.

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